Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you charge for your service?
We generally charge by the number of responses spent to answer all inquiries.

2. How do you prepare agents for customer support?
We have a specialized recruitment and training process wherein we hire people with background in game support, and train them for our tools and your game. Request for a callback for more info about our training process.

3. What tools do you use for your customer support?
By default, we use MailDealer and Porto, but we've also used Zendesk and RightNow, and other specialized mail and escalation tools.

4. How many issues can each agent resolve in an hour?
Around 10/hour, depending on the type of issues.

5. What is your turn-around time?
24 hours or less

6. What languages do you cover?
We have native-level agents who provide support in 26 languages including English, Chinese (traditional and simplified), and Portuguese. See the full list here.

7. How much time does it take to implement the service?
The entire preparation and training period lasts 2-3 weeks.